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iOS 666

We’ve had a most beastly revelation: iOS 6 breaks pretty much every one of our apps. If you’re using the apps in a critical context (upcoming performance anyone?), you might want to refrain from updating your device. We’re working on a fix, but it will take a moment to slog it all through Apple’s approval Read more…


ExtraSlice Released

We’ve been looking forward to getting this one out for a while. After a lot of massage and tweaking, ExtraSlice is finally out on the app store! It’s definitely derived from the older Slice, but it adds a lot of new techniques, so do check out this intro video to get a feel for the control scheme. Read more…


Strange Space for Spunk

The LA Design Festival comes to Chinatown from 6 to 9 this evening, and I’ll be showing off Spunk in our studio at 978 Chung King Road. Stop by, have a listen, play with Spunk! If you can’t make it, you can still download the beta.  


MegaCurtis FREE

They said it was only a matter of time. They were right. The Curtis saga continues with the release of MegaCurtis FREE. This version brings the MegaCurtis multi-voice, audio-paste, longer-recording, dynamic-keyboard glory to your iPhone 3GS, 4, and 4S for nothing!   But wait, there’s more: Curtis Heavy has been transmogrified into MegaCurtis FREE, so Read more…


Strange MIDI in HyperSpace

HyperSpace 1.1 was just released, adding MIDI input and VGA output. Now you can control HyperSpace with your MIDI keyboard or DAW, and you can send just the visualization graphics to a TV or projector. It’s an instant VJ setup! Just add an Apple VGA output cable. Both MIDI and VGA support are new to Read more…

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