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Mega Update, MegaCurtis 1.3

The latest MegaCurtis update has gone live at the App Store. It adds a slew of new features, making the app more fun, more playable, and more strange. There are now selectable scales and modes, a fat key option for those of us with fat fingers, and there’s a new wave keyboard overlay mode that Read more…

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MegaCurtis, more Mega

Version 1.2 of MegaCurtis just dropped at the App Store. The previous update gave us iPhone 3GS (and iPad) compatibility as well as a vocoder-like live granulation mode. Now MegaCurtis adds new visuals and an improved control interface. A single touch will control granulation position and filter cutoff, while a second touch lets you drag Read more…


Arcball rotation with GLKit

A while back Apple finally added some basic 3d classes with GLKit. They included vectors, matrices, and even quaternions. Awesome! Time to do some arcball rotation! Well, I googled myself silly and couldn’t dig up a single sample of using these classes to do a simple object rotation. There are tons of articles about quaternions, Read more…


Introducing MegaCurtis for iPhone 4 and 4s

Today we launch the latest iteration of the Curtis granular synth series, MegaCurtis for the iPhone. The app was completely rewritten for better performance, longer recording time, session recording, polyphony, Retina display and more! We’ve added jitter, LFOs, amp envelope control, and even a proper keyboard. See it in action at http://www.youtube.com/thestrangeagency More awesome features Read more…

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Strange Solstice

In desperate love with our iPads, we left the iPhone apps languishing unmaintained. They don’t copy or paste, they don’t play well with others, they’re all still rocking 3G. Yet, they still tweak sounds quite strangely, and so gentle(ladies and)men, we will rebuild them! This holiday season we’re cooking up a whole new series of Read more…


Fluid Grinder

Version 1.5 of CP 1919 is live today, adding a new oscillator tuning mode. Check out this video of the additive organ-like sounds.