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CP 1919 Tutorial Videos

Five new CP 1919 tutorial videos are up. Unearth the hidden power. Unleash your curiosity. Check ‘em: 1 – Harp Effect Tutorial 2 – Frozen Fluid Tutorial 3 – Keyboard Tutorial 4 – Flowing Fluid Tutorial 5 – Chord Insanity Tutorial

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Keep it rollin’

There’s a fresh new Donut update today. Version 1.1 adds file loading, audio Copy/Paste, and Dropbox support. Since loading files was in such high demand, Donut will even load multiple files at the same time. Rather than mix them however, the files are interleaved for maximal glitch. You can even record while a file is Read more…


Happy Tweaking

All new versions of Curtis and CP 1919 have hit the app store. These include stability improvements for Curtis along with Dropbox support for CP 1919. Update away!

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Supreme Harmony Voyage

After a long trek through Asia and a still longer period of post-travel decompression we’re back in the saddle with a bunch of announcements. The addition of our Comlink interface which provides Copy/Paste and now Dropbox support to Curtis introduced some memory issues which lead to frequent crashes. These have been addressed in a new Read more…

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Circles within Circles

Donut is live on the App Store, and it’s a strange one. It is very easy to get the app in a silent or screaming state, so I thought I’d explain the Donut concept in detail. As mentioned in a previous post, the idea for Donut comes from an ancient IBM tape loop machine I Read more…


Time to Make the Donut™

A new project we thought we’d share: Making time two-dimensional with Donut™ on the iPad. Inspired by these contraptions, we banged out this phrase looper with a twist. Donut™ lets you record and play loops in 2d. We’re ironing out the functionality and UI, but do check the video for the project so far. It’s Read more…

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