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Curtis on iPad

The initial build of Curtis for iPad has just been approved!

It’s our first app using the new drag-and-drop document functionality in iTunes. No more in-app-server craziness; just drag-and-drop files between Curtis and your computer. Finally! Please only WAV files for now.

Some free promo codes, first come, first served:


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  1. Thank you for the code TTWJN34RW7EH, I’m really looking forward to using this app …. it’s exactly the type of app I love!
    Thanks again/1

  2. john says:

    all gone unfortunately :(

  3. Dj hombre says:

    Hi there, another great app from you guys hits the iPad…many thanks! Just a question though….I appear to only be getting sound out of one side of my headphone out for this app…any ideas why? I’m going to dig around a bit, but I can’t quite get to grips with the difference between the X and Y buttons.

    • lucas says:

      Curtis is only mono right now. Stereo support is coming later, because we have a special treat planned: splitting channels for spatial grain effects!

      The cryptic little X and Y? They enable slew along the X and Y axes respectively. When turned on (the default), the playhead lags behind where you actually touch, so it can smoothly move to the new location. When you disable slew, the lag is gone, so you can instantly jump to a new position or a new grain size. So you can have slow, legato movement across the sound, or you can have a more percussive, staccato response.

  4. stefan says:

    First off I love this app. Very interesting idea here. I noticed on the video there are more options. Like the effect parameters, I assume that is coming in an update, also in the video it seems you can change the size of the loop. I was wondering if that is all features coming in the future, or maybe I do not know how to make them visible. Thanks again this is great.

    • lucas says:

      The new effects controls are indeed coming in the next release, which we are finishing up. You can already zoom in on the loop by pinching in the file scrubber (blue) area. It doesn’t do much with large files, because there is a limit on the zoom in the control (yellow) area. Maybe we’ll raise that a bit. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it so far! The next release will be far awesomer :)

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  6. Great app guys unfortunately the LOAD function does not work on my 16Gb iPad. When I select one of my own .wav files the app crashes

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  8. vicmod says:


    I have your Curtis for iPad and think its great but it always crashes when I try to load an aiff file :-(

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  10. Phillip says:

    Awesome app. The ability to record or transfer files is a great addition. Strangely I only get sound through one side of the headphones. The exception is when recording with the mic. Everything is stereo. If I save and reload, it goes back to one side only. Haven’t figured that one out.

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  12. dpb says:

    I really love this app!! I wish sometimes that the sounds didnt have this repetitive tick in them. It seems to come from looping the grain and the start and end points not being a zerocrossing. Can you guys add a smoothing parameter to crossfade? I have trouble creating sounds that don’t have this tick in them

    Cool to see you guys are local :)

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