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iOS 666

We’ve had a most beastly revelation: iOS 6 breaks pretty much every one of our apps. If you’re using the apps in a critical context (upcoming performance anyone?), you might want to refrain from updating your device. We’re working on a fix, but it will take a moment to slog it all through Apple’s approval queue. Check back here for updates, and thanks for being patient!


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  1. ushaped says:

    The free version of Megacurtis still works as does Hyperspace.

  2. Nick J says:

    Really hurtin here runnin ios5 and not able to download my old purchased app.

    • lucas says:

      That’s a drag. Which app? So you bought it before and want to put it on a new device and you can’t because it’s for iOS 6 now?

  3. lucas says:

    In other news, all apps should work in iOS 6 now, although there are still a couple glitches. Mic recording is broken, but updates have been submitted to Apple. Dropbox support in CP 1919 and Curtis for iPad has been fixed and submitted as well.

  4. Craig Gingrich-Philbrook says:

    What’s the word on Donut? I don’t want to upgrade to 666 until it does :-)

  5. Scot says:

    Record not workin on extra slice on iPad

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